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Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by artificial, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. artificial
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    There are two things that annoys me with the the (web)design of "Manage Template Details".
    If I want to change anything, I have to click "Manage Template Details", then unpublish the model as a template, and then re-click the "Manage Template Details". There should be a "view" and a edit button. The edit button should unpublish the model and take me to the webforms where I can edit the details - with one click instead of 3 clicks. The view should just unhide the template details.

    Then there is the "+" button next to the last value. It is a bit ambiguous, because will it add the value or will it give me a new value. It turns out that it gives me a new value.
    But the last value always have the "+" button next to it, so I cannot delete it, because it doesn't have a trashcan next to it.

    Hope you'll fix theese minor web-design details.

    Thanks for your always great service!
    Artificial / Anders:)