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    Untitled.jpg Hi all,

    I have a model that I want to be hollow so it is cheaper and lighter. I will print it using the flexible strong white material. My question is whether my tubes which make up the model are too thin to make hollow? The min escape hole design guideline is larger than the internal diameter of my tubes. In this case will they not be hollow tubes at all but tubes filled with un-lasered plastic dus?t

    The model consists of interconnecting tubes that are 2.88mm diameter with walls of just above 0.7mm. Therefore there is an internal hollow of diameter ~1.5mm. The design guidelines say to allow 2mm min as an escape hole (2 or more holes). However, since my internal space is smaller than the escape holes, will it be impossible to shake the material out of the escape holes? Also, I can't see any point making the escape holes bigger than the internal hollow because they will "eat" into the wall material. I can make them slots which are the width of the hollow but longer than 2mm to allow more material out but will not bother if the material will be blocked in the hollow anyway because the internal diameter is too small. I have tried to draw it so have a look at the attached to try and help explain.

    Thanks for advice in advance.
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    I believe your depictions are correct. Especially the longer the tubes are. Could you do something more like this? tube.jpg