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  1. Shmifty5
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    Hi, so uhm, I'm not too sure what the prices and stuff for this kind of thing are, or even how hard it is, but I don't have a lot of cash. So it would be fantastic if you could leave like a price estimate or that kind of thing if you can do it.

    Back to the model I'm looking for, I want someone to make a Hallucigenia model for me, if you don't know Hallucigenia is a sort of biological conundrum.

    Here's a pic for reference: cigenia

    As a child me and my family went on a vacation to the Burgess Shale and they had a display case with several models of how they felt the animals looked like, and I feel in love with the Hallucigenia, of course though they didn't sell the models and the closest I can find is this model made by TEDCO. The colors don't matter and the size should be about palm length, not sure of exact figures for that, but you get the drill.

    I plan to put it in my currently empty aquarium tank (my female betta (2 yrs) passed away last week from a case of bloat, I always fed her well but it was probably her time).

    Thank you for reading this, and for anyone else who has had a model made, can you give me a rough estimate of how much it'll cost to have it made?

    Sincerely, Steve.N
  2. mctrivia
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    I'm not an organic modeler so I can't help but it is a pretty cool looking shape.

    Print cost for something about the size of your fist could easily run over $100 depending on material.
  3. markpicone
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    I can model that. I would put it in my shop where you could purchace it. I'll do it for 100.00.

    Let me know.
  4. markpicone
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    plus the price to print it, which is based on the size you want it. I would keep it relatively small, otherwise it'll be costly. Say around 1.5 to 2 inches long.
  5. bubby9534
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    This is what they might look like?