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  1. Tigermoth
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    Hi guys, wondering how many of you who use SW to make jewellery factor in your own makers marks or even hallmarks ( eg: 925 for s/silver) into your designs?

    I have been reading up on the minimum detail on the various materials and it seems that 0.3mm is the smallest in s/silver and FUD.
    This doesnt sound like much, but even after resizing a 925 stamp so the width of each line is 0.3, its still too large to fit on the inside of a small ring shank for instance.
    It does mention however that FUD CAN have detail as little as 0.1mm. If so, this would make a huge difference inthe overall size of the mark...but how accurate would it be? Would this also apply for silver printing?

    Keen to hear your thoughts/ experiences on this subject...
  2. stop4stuff
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    Hi Tigermoth,

    For us in Great Britain, incorporating 'false' hallmarks into a silver design is a criminal offence, even if the product is dropshipped by Shapeways.

    I don't know about how different countries apply hallmarking laws, but for us Brits, a hallmark is only able to be applied by an official office.

  3. Tigermoth
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    That must be a bit of a you have to pay to get it certified?, No such laws here in Australia, but if you stamp it it must test as ssilver.
    I was wondering whether to try and get any kind of identification detail (should it be a hallmark or the makers signature), either incorporate that into a 3D model or go the traditional route of getting punches made and stamping them manually after printing/casting.

    I'm more thinking of the metal/cast work but this could also apply for those who make jewellery in the other material available.There certainly seems to be some great art around here, just wondering how many "sign" their work? :)
  4. aegidian
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  5. cwyatt
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    I have been printing my makers mark and hallmarks with good success using an Australian printer that uses a 16micron wax printer and then casts in precious metals. I'm yet to try the shapeways silver printer for this but should know in the next couple of weeks how this will go.

    many of the pieces I make it isn't really possible to stamp due to texture or structure so I would have to solder on a pre stamped plate which adds a lot of time and increases the chances of fire scale so I've found printing the stamps very effective.

    For the pieces i make using WSF I have beeen attempting to incorporate my makers mark in the print but there is just not enough resolution so I tend to add a silver or gold finding with my makers mark and quality stamp.

    I think using FUD you might have success but it could be a bit hit and miss when casting due to the burn out properties of this resin which can leave a residue that effects the surface detial of the cast. This is something I will be trialling in the next few weeks.

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  6. Tigermoth
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    Nice work cwyatt!
    So using such a machine you had no issues with stamp size at all? What is the detail sizing on them if known?

    I think its important to stamp or mark your work where possible, while not especially safeguarding against copyright, It at least gives a little bit back in authenticity and individuality, especially in such a potentially mass-produced medium.

    I have a silver ring on order and sized the detail of the stamps at .3 (Ie: the lines of the lettering .3 wide) but would like to be able to go smaller...see how this one turns out I guess.

  7. cwyatt
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    Hi Tigermoth
    I haven't had any issues with the stamp sizing but I am pushing the lower limit I think. On the piece I attached the 925 stamp is clear and easy enough to read but sometimes the print closes up slightly in parts. The indent for the 925 stamp is 0.12mm wide by 0.2mm deep. My makers mark is noticeably clearer and is 0.15mm wide by 0.34mm deep.
    here is a link to their recomended minimum feature size: f

    They recomend 0.36 wide by 0.4mm deep so about the same as shapeways.

    Hopefully the slightly lower resolution of the shapeways prints will still be adequate, I guess we'll both see before to long.
  8. Braddock
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    Hi there, check out Palloys in Surry Hills. The prototype, cast, and are qualified to hallmark 925

    They are expensive for a 1 off though.