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    The SS component of the print media is alloy 420 stainless, which unlike 300 series alloys can be magnetized. Printed parts are processed in controlled atmosphere electric furnaces.The heating coil arrangement in these furnaces is circular array. Like a coil surrounding the batch of parts during operation. This might be the source of parts becoming magnetic. Usually this is almost in-detectable in a given part. Your video of those "propellers" is quite remarkable actually! Probably some Big Science going on but I sure can't explain it.
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    thanks for the very detailed technical explanation...
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    Just a guess, probably not the whole story. Most parts do not come out magnetized like your turbine design. This would make a nice science project for some brainiac :D

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    Is it that 'Shapeways produce magnetic odjects' or is it that Shapeways produce objects have the properties to infulence the Earth's magnetic field?

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    To influence the magnetic field of the EARTH.. you'd need a printer with a slightly larger build volume.
  7. Wow that video is really cool!
    So, is it the turbine shape that made the print come out magnetic?
    Will it happen again if you order other print of the same model, or was it a one time fluke?
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    Good question Mary. The phenomena is unintentional, we would probably need and expert in electromagnetics to explain it.
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    what would be a case where having an SS part be magnetized, even slightly, be detrimental ? i could see not wanting various pieces be magnetized if you work around computer parts, especially hard drives, but the magnetic field would have to be quite a bit bigger there to do any kind of damage.
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    Or a man and a wench

    Back on topic, could it be caused by polishing, sanding of sprues?
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    I have magnetized my stainless steel pieces when polishing them... and part of the process involved using a stainless steel brush in a Dremel...

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    Yah that could definitely do it. Even on a piece of plain steel friction can induce magnetic properties. This is very slight but observable. It's generally not a problem and can be reversed with the use of a de-magnetizing tool.