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    Hello everyone,

    I create designs that are attached to hats using a set of powerful magnets. I find inspiration for the designs from many different things and try to make different styles whenever possible.

    The basic idea behind this is that you can use pretty much any image as a background to complement the 3D model or as a canvas to add to. For designs like 'Blood and Thunder' and 'Shadowstrike' I focused on the 3D model aspect of the design with an idea as to what type of background I would want to use but the exact background was chosen after the model. For a different design like 'Galactic Trip' the background was very important to the design because I was using it as my base that I then added 3D elements to. All of these designs are printed in multi-color sandstone.

    One aspect of this idea that I haven't explored yet is the customization options for each design. It is very easy to switch the background for most designs as well as the colors on the designs themselves so the customization potential for each product is high. I wanted to start with a base set of designs though to get started.

    I decided to use magnets in the design instead of permanently mounting them to the hat because it increases the customization options that someone would have if they purchased one. You can wear these designs on any hat that you want to or if you just like the design you can place it on your desk or something.

    I'm posting multiple objects to this thread because I am pitching the idea and not a single product. This format could be applied to existing 3D models as well as new 3D models.

    I can't open a Shapeways shop at the moment because of the additional work that I must do to each design before they are shipped but I am selling the designs on my website The products in the photos are printed with Shapeways though and there are more photos of each product on my website as well. I am looking for more people to work on this with so if you like the idea and want to shoot me a message, please do.

    - Drew Williams

    Blood_And_Thunder.jpg Nitro_Burner.jpg Phantomblade.jpg Duskbreaker.jpg Sly.jpg Galactic_Trip.jpg Genova.jpg Flameforged.jpg Shadowstrike.jpg