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    Hi Shapeways fans,

    Magic Gears (a twisty non-puzzle) is a paradoxical set of three identical gears that can both mesh in the regular way and all in the same direction. It was inspired by this YouTube video by Jacques Maurel. Maurel writes: "The paradoxical 2 teeth gear set is used in the 'Mercier differential' (using the torque transfer technology) Patented in 1988 by Renault". Oskar's addition to the work is making Chevron Gears as invented by Andre Citroen. This way the three gears become identical and they can both mesh classically and paradoxically.

    I have performed this Magic Gears "trick" to several friends, family and coleagues. I get two types of reactions: "wow" and "so what". Apparently, there exist people who are not aware how gears are supposed to mesh :).

    Watch the YouTube video.
    Buy this magic trick at my Shapeways Shop.
    Read more at the Non-Twisty Puzzles Forum.
    Check out the photos below. Note that the last picture is a .gif animation. Click it to see the movement.






    Magic Gears -animation.gif
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    Wow, this is really cool. Is WSF smooth enough for the gears to slide over each other nicely? Or did you get them in WSF polished?
  3. Oskar_van_Deventer
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    It took some breaking in ...
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    Ahh wow, they are so cool to watch in the video! Hypnotising :eek: