Mage and Beholder figures

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by gumball, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. gumball
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  2. gumball
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    Here they are dipped in tea to show more details.




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  3. HaVoC373
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    ooh very nice indeed :) i love the mage figure, its kind of hard to see thedetail on the beholder but from what i can tell its very nice.

    are you a D&D player?
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  4. Beautiful; the tea dip really helps show off the details.
    Did you have milk and sugar in it? :p
  5. HaVoC373
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    btw is this regular white detail or the high res white detail?
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  6. gumball
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    Yes, I first played from the white box in 1979. I have suffered for my art for many years, finally scoring a woman who loves playing just as much as I do. (You can't have her she's MINE!!!)

    No milk or sugar. Since the rules suggest not using Shapeways items for food applications, I used a cheap teabag from the communal stack at work then dumped it afterwards.

    I don't know if it is the High Detail or not. I had to wait a while between ordering and arriving, so I probably either just missed or just made the tail end of all that.
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  7. Whystler
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    They do look particularly nice tea dyed!

  8. They look almost like carved wood, don't they?

  9. HaVoC373
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    yeah the tea dying and the stepping in the model make em look alot like they are carved out of wood :p
  10. tedparsec
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    Thanks a lot for those photos, Gumball, glad you like them !

    I didn't had the time to rework and re print in high detail all my miniatures during the high detail material special offer, and i hope they will reintroduce it soon. The quality difference is very noticeable between the two settings. ( i've just ordered a couple of my last models, and the results were really great.)

    I still have some problems taking good photos of my previous miniatures ( i'm really retarded with my camera...have a very dark house and the stepping effect on some models is really not photogenic...), would you mind if i take one or two of your pictures to show up on my shapeway page ? ( mentioning your name, of course.)

    Now, all my hopes are aimed at very high detail wax printing, which looks like being the next step at shapeways ( at least the last blog post is very encouraging.)

    Last question :) As a D&D and boardgame player, what kind of miniatures would you like to find on shapeways ? There's already thousand of figurines available everywhere, but what would make a 3d printed one unique and relevant ?

  11. gumball
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    Sure, you can use my photo. If you want, I'll take individual pics of each to make it easier. I'll post in a day or so.

    You know... if you wanted to provide me with copies of your mini's, I'd do real good photos of them for you... :D

    As for what I want in minis, that's hard. What I want is conditional on what I need for the next game but sexy women are always good.

    If you really want to know, I'd say go over to
    and post in the forum there. They would probably give you a better direction.

  12. chaitanyak
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    looks great! will try colouring my models too now!