Low poly Escher lizard pendant

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  1. mygadgetlife
    mygadgetlife Well-Known Member
    This is my first print in metal, and I'm really pleased with the result.

    I modified the original to allow a cord to be passed through... only the design makes it difficult to insert the intended way (through the two holes on the reverse of the head).

    A side effect of this was that I was forced to pass the cord through the larger hole and the neck - the result being that the little guy hangs in a more Gecko-like manner... which I think works out for the better.

    Admittedly the cord was on the thick side - 2mm leather - a much thinner cord might work through the intended holes. While waiting for the print to arrive, I've figured out a way to implement larger holes, which I'll try in a future print.

    One last point - the SS version does indeed tessellate with the WSF version... but only just... I'd need to take a file to the limbs of the plastic variant to make it fit properly... oh well, I quite like it as a stand alone piece... :)

    Shown here in Antique Bronze Matte.

  2. gibell
    gibell Well-Known Member
    Very nice! Does it still lie flat on a table (cord removed)? I would like to see a photo of the back ...
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  3. mygadgetlife
    mygadgetlife Well-Known Member
    Hey thanks!

    You can see from the photos how the reverse is designed... the holes are really too small to accept a fat cord (being my first metal print, I was highly aware of printing tolerances), but I got around the issue by threading as shown. I've re-done the reverse in a way which allows greater flexibility I think... I'll order a new print of this soon!

    Alas, it doesn't lie flat - but the WSF version is only flat due to the loop being extremely small to the point of being almost unusable.

  4. gibell
    gibell Well-Known Member
    Thanks! It does hang nicely as a pendant. Having a flat back and hanging nicely may not be possible. It would be cool if you could wear several of them and have them tesselate!
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  5. mygadgetlife
    mygadgetlife Well-Known Member
    Like this? :D (apologies for the flash photography... it's late...)

    Amittedly, this is the only way the plastic will interface with the metal without a bit of filing. But the concept kind of works...

  6. LesleyRobinson
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    That is very cool!