Low Poly Bodies Wanted

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  1. Skello
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    Hi. I'm looking for someone to design some generic low poly bodies in the Klei style from Invisible Inc for printing as miniature pieces (roughly 3 - 5 cm depending on printability). The bodies do not have to be detailed, but they should be accurate in proportions and style. Please see the attachments for references.

    Currently, I'm interested in four bodies.
    - Generic Male body
    - Generic Female body
    - Decker
    - Internationale ​

    If interested, please contact using the usual methods.

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  2. gafsadesign
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    pm sent
  3. spukeanimation
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  4. Skello
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    Thanks both. :)
  5. ZagreusEnt
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    Please check your PM :)
  6. Skello
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    Thanks everyone. ^^