Lovely Silver Seashell

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    This sterling silver seashell just arrived, and it is so gorgeous I can't stop looking at it! I can't take credit for the design, since it's
    shape comes directly from nature.



    I scanned a real shell using a Steinbichler Comet white-light scanner. 3D scanners of this type are high-precision instruments mostly used in laboratory and factory environments because of their cost and sensitivity to vibration, dust and temperature.

    Dozens of scans were combined and blended together to create a 3D representation accurate to less than a thousandth of an inch. Hanging loops were sculpted in a style similar to the shell, creating a consistent look. The silver casting shows no printing lines, and even the sprue locations have been polished and sculpted by the silversmith to blend into the design.

    It arrived beautifully presented in a mesh bag that allows you to see all the fine detail without actually handling the piece.


    The reflective surface shows every tiny curve with such brightness and hyper-realism, one can enjoy the refined organic shape with greater depth of perception than the eyes alone can gather by looking at the original.


    It is so beautiful I am absolutely delighted with the results! Wow, I love silver and it is worth every penny. For now it is available in steel, gold, or bronze here: ml?gid=ug3237
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    ...and bring back SILVER !!

    Great job.