Looking to have some rings made

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by hydin, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. hydin
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    I was wondering if someone could tackle this project. I have always loved the cover art to this game, even though the game itself was horrible.

    I am looking for someone to make the rings (basically this is the only photo available), with the gems as a separate item.

    Not really much in my play budget, so I am looking to pay around 10-20$ a ring. No hurry on getting them done, so it's not a rush job or any pressure whatsoever.

    If this works out, I have some other rings I would love made as well, and will need a 3d modeler to take care of that, so this might end up being a repeat business situation :)

    If interested, please post up or PM me, or email me at hydin@cox.net .


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  2. mirrorspock
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    I don't really have the time for a project now, but I do want to leave this here, a slightly better pic...


    (one thought though, won't you get stuck to everything wearing those rings, they seem quite pointy)

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  3. hydin
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    Nah, not worried about that. Just looking for a display only sort of setup :)

    Awesome picture though!