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    Hello All,

    I'm actually looking to create an entire board game. My idea is to create a Zombie game (Surprise, surprise!). The basic concept is this, The person that is a zombie is dead, like normal, but not all zombies are the mindless flesh eaters like in the movies, some have a slightly mutated zombie gene that allows them to think, yes they still attack humans and eat flesh, but they are able to use tool, weapons and strategist when attacking. This game is for 2 plus players, players pick either zombies or humans, or they play missions vs AI zombies. What i need Eureka to do is make the minis. Do you only make miniature? Can you make weapons as well? I want the Humans and better zombies to be able to hold the weapons they are equipped with.

    I need a few types.

    100 club scale


    10-20 "mindless" Zombies. They will be the basic zombies. I want them in normal stance, 2-3 different stances, so around 6 minis in each stance. mix of male and female zombies.

    5-10 "weapon" Zombies. These zombies can use weapons, Same as the Mindless, 2-3 different stances, but still just basic looking, but hands open, so a weapon, ie, knife, wrench, gun, etc can fit in.

    5 "smart" Zombies. These will have special abilities as well as being able to hold weapons. I would like 5 different Zombies.

    Smart zombies:
    1. Strong zombie. I want him to be like a body builder. no shirt, torn pants. bites on his chest and arms

    2. Martial Arts Zombie. She will have on a torn ninja gear on.

    3. Military Zombie. He will be a Special Ops type, full gear, Kevlar, Armour, etc

    4. Football player. He will have on full pads, cracker helmet, torn jersey, cleats, etc.

    5. Scientist. The weak one lol, but smart. Torn lab coat


    I need 5 humans.

    1. Cowboy. Male. Hat, belt, etc

    2. Military. Male. Full gear like the military zombie

    3. Office Worker. Male. Suit, Tie, etc

    4. Teacher, female. Normal hot teacher, tight shirt, skirt.

    5. Fast Food Worker. Female. hat, shirt, pants.

    So all in all, id like to at least get a starter set, 30-40 minis in all, to play through all the rules and make sure all works, i will then start a Kickstarter to see interest. If all goes well i would like to see if we can make a deal, and ill order all minis from you, as well as expansions.
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    Can you show me any ref. or image of what you are looking for i will quote it accordingly
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    PM sent.