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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brianm, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Brianm
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    I'm not sure where the appropriate place is to post a design request. Here?

    I'm not a user of 3d printers, but was hoping to find someone selling what I'm looking for. I haven't found this on the site (or anywhere else, for that matter). I'm looking for some simple pins that would allow me to easily hook the strands of my headphones to whatever shirt I'm wearing, in a way that would allow them to freely move. Basically, I need to be able to pin a couple simple loops to my shirt into which I can run each of the two strands of my earbuds.

    I wear them all day, everyday for work. I typically run them up the inside of my shirt from my phone on my hip. When I need to take them temporarily out of my ear, I let them drape over my shirt. But I would like to be able to choose where that draping happens. I'm currently using a couple earrings wires attached to each ear strand to attach them. I simply poke them through my shirt like a pin. Each strand can freely move through the loop at whatever point I've attached them.

    But I'd like something easier to put on and remove, and something that would look better.

    So, 1) Two separate pieces, one for each half of the ear buds, 2) some method to pin each to a shirt (a clip would force me to use an edge of the shirt--I want more flexibility in where I place them), 3) each with a loop through which I can run one of the strands leading to each ear bud.

    That might seem like I'm pretty particular in my need for a fairly simple item--because I am. I wear them for 8+ hours each day, and am constantly pulling them off temporarily. My own solution (earring parts from a craft store) is kludgey but effective.

    Here's hoping someone will try!
  2. stop4stuff
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    How would a couple of open ended spring type loops attached to a button/buttonhole/clip type arrangment work?

    Just the first idea that came into my head, and if the clip type, maybe I already have part of a model that could be adjusted to work - look at the 'petals' in my Spring Flower.