Looking for someone to help make my designs

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  1. PrimevalSands
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    I'm an artist in the jewelry business looking to expand my materials into something completely custom and original. I have what I want drawn out on paper and need a good modeler to finish what I started so I can get it made. The items I want are steampunk-like bead rings. There will be two different bead rings that stack like building blocks on one another. They both need to enclose an 8mm bead with a tad extra room as beads never are exactly 8mm in size. Both bead rings will need two holes so that 22-16 gauge wire can be strung through them and the bead. If anyone is up to the challenge, I'll send you my designs and we'll hopefully work something out.

  2. bertus
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    hi colton

    maybe i can help you?
    which program do you need to make your 3d model?
    if it's for mass-production, i can make it with SolidWorks
    I'm an experienced solidworks' user, here is my rendering . .
    here is my email : fills_sanctify@yahoo.com


    Albertus Putra