Looking for SFB Omega octant ships

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by Langseax, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Langseax
    Langseax New Member
    As title suggest, I am looking for someone familiar with, and capable of making some ships from the star fleet battles omega octant.
  2. mirrorspock
    mirrorspock New Member
    sounds like a nice project,
    is there any particular ship you are interested in?

    unfortunately I don't own the SFB books, so i don't have reference materials.

    I looked at some pdf's on this site and I own several original SFB models, I'm sure I could create some compatible ones for you. (and myself)
  3. Langseax
    Langseax New Member
    I am not sure how familiar you are to Star Fleet Battles Omega, but what I want are some ships that are in scale with the starline 2400 series. I can send pictures of existing ships next to a quarter for scale, and pictures of the ships I am interested in.

    Let me know what you think.

  4. mirrorspock
    mirrorspock New Member
    I am not at all familiar with the Omega Octant, but google is my friend and I have found:

    reference 1

    I did own quite a few of those when I was young. (never played much, but I loved painting them and got them for display purposes)

    The scale shouldn't be a problem, and the difficulty will really be based on what ships you need.

    Getting a photograph of one of your ships for scale, and the list of ships you want with pictures would be the logical next step.

    And I would need to know when you need them, since my time IS limited. (Going away for a week next week)

    To save production/material costs, do you have extra stands for the ships, or do you want them added to the model?

    As for compensation, we'll discuss that after I have delivered the first models, if you approve we can discuss a price for future models, if not, it won't have cost you anything but some time.
  5. Langseax
    Langseax New Member
    I am interested in starting with the Maesron alliance. I can scan and email you some pdf of what they look like. I am really in no hurry. I've waited years for ADB to make some themselves. I have plenty of stands. Thank you for your interest in this project.
  6. mirrorspock
    mirrorspock New Member
    I'll PM you my email address,
    I'm really looking forward to this project.
  7. mirrorspock
    mirrorspock New Member
    just FYI..
    I never received an email about this..

    you did reawaken my StarFleet battles love and I have found all my old (unbuilt) miniatures..