looking for possible favor- are tombstones possible?

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  1. chrisatreyu
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    is it possible to print a gravestone marker. I just realized what 3-d printing is and why its so cool. Wondering if there would be a durable material with a nice enough look to look respectable in a graveyard? doesnt need to be very deep. If its possible and what materials it would use? and what it would look like ?please post. If you would also like to help get me started or design a simple one for me that would be great. I would also like to know the cost estimate for the object. It would be really simple for the gravestone,- name, birth and death dates and maybe a simple phrase showing how much she meant to me.

    Thanks, Chris

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    I don't think that any material you could print at Shapeways would be resilient enough to last outdoors in the elements.
    Plus, if you get it to a fairly large size (6x12x0.5 inches), it would cost some $700 in Nylon, over $2000 in Steel.
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    Tombstone as in classical meaning is not suitable for 3D printing because of the big dimensions. When it comes to durability of material, problem could be solved by coating 3D printed product to make it resist outdoor condition.

    To conclude 3D printing doesn't have any advantage to the traditional methods of making tombstones, except that you have your exact idea/design made.
    However, there are some other product more suitable for 3D printing that could be used to decorate grave. Something like vases, small statues, picture frames come to mind.

    Bassicaly small dimensions with complicated design is where 3D printing truely shines. In this case also some kind of protective coating should be applied to ensure durability of piece.

    Sorry for your loss,

  4. laurenhallinan
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    Is creating a mold to replicate a ceramic tile paver (12" x12" x3/8") a possible application for 3d printing?
    Are there size limitations?
    Are there companies that will print something that size?

    Thank you,

    Lauren Hallinan
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