looking for modeller for a project.

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    I whish to make a pendant lamp in the shape of a UFO.and I hope it will be the first of a serie.
    The materials will be shelled plastic and shelled metal.
    I can provide som rather crude inventor designs to show you what I have in mind.
    It would be nice with some technical advice ,as, even though I am studying to be a welder, I am not sure if the designs are possible using a CNC machine.
    The design will be in two parts assembled using a screwing device ( you would be able to unscrew the object like a coke bottle in order to replace the light bulb inside ).
    you will have to go from a picture and get as close as you can to the dimensions ( the only dimension I have is the base of the object )

    I am looking for something classy and not the usual cheesy/cartoony appearance that most UFO objects are designed as.

    English is not my native language, and there are some technical definitions that I simply do ot know in English.

    Thank You,

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