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Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by SEspider, Jul 17, 2013.

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    This may be unorthodox, but I'm new here and even newer when it comes to sizing for 3D printing.
    I'll keep this simple and short. I'm looking for VERY SIMPLE and free template models to help me (and others) get started on Shapeways. Why free? Frankly, because I'm flat broke and have TONS of ideas/designs for 3D printing. However, I absolutely suck at math and am dyslexic so I tend to screw up a lot when spelling and and math. Thank God for spell check.

    Anywho, are there any artist out there that can provide SIMPLE and downloadable meshes for us Noobs to start with? The normal 3D print size of said meshes would help a great deal. Below are a few SIMPLE / LOW POLY mesh requests. I have no issues giving credit to those that help with these.

    -Max/Min Ear ring hook size
    -Pendent hook size
    -Inner Ring sizes
    -Cell phones frames
    -Tablet frames
    -laptop frames

    That is all I can think of at this time. Please keep in mind, I'm only requesting minimum low poly meshes. Something we Noobs can use as references for our models. Meshes that wouldn't be time consuming for experienced 3Dprinter designers to create.

    I'd like to know who you guys are creating models with movable parts in one shot (one print). But that's for another time. And I'm sure there's a YouTube video out there somewhere to answer that. lol

    Thanks in advance. And sorry if I'm asking for too much.
    God Bless,
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    While shapeways does not currently provide a "library" of free models (though apparently there was one a few site redesigns back), there is a (perhaps surprisingly large) number of downloadable models around.
    Entertailion (and UniverseBecoming some weeks before him) recently posted a few useful google search strings in this thread. Adding "earring" or "cufflink" as another search term restricts the initial ~6700 to a managable number of pertinent hits.