Looking for Blender Shapeways art for a BlenderNation article

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    Hey folks,

    next to my work here at Shapeways I also have fun running the main Blender news site, BlenderNation.com. I'm planning to do a large article on Monday to update the Blender community on some of our newer materials: Steel, Silver, Ceramics and Elasto Plastic.

    For this article I'm looking for some Shapeways designs that were made using Blender. So if you have any models up (in shops, preferably!) with good photographs of 3D prints in one of those materials, please contact me at bart(at)blendernation(dot)com.

    In your email, please include:

    - A link to your model on Shapeways
    - A 580x300 pixel photograph without any watermarks, text or logos. Submit only photographs - renders will be rejected.
    - A screenshot of this project in Blender
    - The name that you wish to appear in the credits

    Please send your mail before Monday, 9am GMT+1 (Amsterdam time).

    I'll select only one design to represent each material, so be sure to submit the very best picture you have! The selection will be based on the quality of the design, the way it demonstrates the particular material properties and the quality of the photograph.

    Each BlenderNation post is usually read by about 10,000 people, so this should give your work some nice exposure!


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