Looking for a modeller to create custom mounting bracket for Honda Element.

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    Greetings, everyone.

    I seek someone who can create a custom mount so I can slide my tablet in to my car. This mount would be based off of the original audio garnish/trim place of my Honda Element. I wold send you an original trim place, and that can be used to create one that has a slotted bracket where a tablet can be slid into and essentially sits in FRONT of the current radio.

    The attached image (green area) represents the piece I would sent you to base the design off of. It can either be a completely new printed bracket with added/printed integrated slide brackets to accommodate the tablet, or something that attaches to it.

    The metal spring piece I can get as well, they will be needed for your design (but the bracket will come with them, and can be printed as well I imagine)

    if anyone is interested in knowing more - or has questions, or would like photos of the bracket to gauge plausibility, I would be more than happy to work together! I can make a mock up - although this below linked product is essentially what I want integrated into the new design:

    https://www.shapeways.com/model/711698/nexus-7-tablet-mount. html?li=productBox-search

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