Looking For A Modeller/sculptor For A Custom Piece

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  1. Hello peeps,

    I'm thinking about getting a custom model designed for me. I've got a tattoo that i love, and i'm a massive PC enthusiast, and I think I've combining the two is a winner idea.

    My PC case is a Thermaltake View 71, with a massive empty section at the front, and i thought getting a model of my tattoo would take it to the next level.

    I'm not worried about painting, i just want my tattoo digitised into a 3d model, and possibly printed out. I have a friend that will do the painting for me.

    I'm thinking a height of maybe 40cm, with a base around 20cm perhaps? I have zero experience in this field, so i have no idea on what is a fair price for designing, printing etc.

    I'm pretty laid back, and will communicate well and regularly to see the product to completion. Thanks for looking!


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