Looking for a Creative Partner talented in Chainmail 3D Design

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    Hey hey folks

    My name is Tiago Rodrigues and I'm starting a new brand for the Extreme Sports Market such as Surf, Skate, Wakeboard, etc...

    The brand logo & identity is already being designed and now I need to make it real. Basically the brand is reintroducing a traditional Portuguese product in the market with a modern and stylish design with different kind of materails. The product in question is a very old traditional object of my country which some how got forgotten, but back in the days was very popular mostly among high end classes due to its main material - silver.

    Before going forward with furtther details I would like to know if there is any creative mind out there, interested in pursuing in this adventure together as a team!

    The only requisit is:

    Expertise in Chainmail 3D Design

    Easy right ;) Can't wait to hear back from you!

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