Looking for a 3D modeler to model THIS.

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  1. Pectabyte
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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for an experienced 3D modeler, and someone with examples of 3d printed work, to build the attached file. I'd like to have it printed in plastic and even though i'm a competent 3D modeler I have no experience building a model for 3D printing.

    If you're interested please reply with your hourly rate and how long you think it will take to model.

    Please link to your portfolio and links to exampled of your printed work.

    Thanks guys.

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    INNERLEAF Well-Known Member
    If you would like we can offer a tutorial service and help teach you how to model your own vehicle. We have modelled over 200 3D Printed models of all sorts including vehicles, shoes, jewellery and more so have lots of experience. A sample is attached to this message.


  3. Pectabyte
    Pectabyte New Member
    What do your tutorial session usually run $$ wise? And what do you guys charge hourly to model? :)
  4. polaroid
    polaroid Active Member
    If you are a competent modeler and can handle doing your design, there are a lot of resources here on Shapeways to help you take it to the printing stage.

    Usual practice I see is people coming with a model, and then paying somebody to prep it for printing.

    Might save you a couple $$, and you might learn something new too!
  5. dustin255
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    I can model that in a in two months and sell it on here.
  6. Keymaker
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    You must be busy. This is work for 2 days (5 top)

    As was said before. You can do it if you know your 3D sofware. Just learn about min. wall thickness, min details and it smooth sailing from there...

    PS: feel free to contact if you have any questions :)
  7. Pectabyte
    Pectabyte New Member
  8. sjenneman
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    I would be able to model that for you in 2-3 weeks. In order to be 100% accurate, I would need views from all sides.
    If you are interested, PM me to discuss price.

    My work can be seen at http://stacyjenneman.com