Looking for a 3d modeler for a video game.

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by avianmosquito, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. avianmosquito
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    Hello. My name is Jeremy Williams, and I'm looking for a 3d modeler for a video game my team is working on.

    The game is a science-fiction/fantasy RPG/FPS. The architecture is predominately gothic or nordic, depending on faction, and many static objects will need to be made but what we need most would be modelers and animators for creatures and equipment. The only option for payment is an even share of sales.

    Contact me at avm0121@hotmail.com if you're interested.

    EDIT: Project was scrapped a while back in favour of a quicker one. We do still require another modeler, but the project itself is not the same.
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  2. Jackablade
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    I'd recommend you try the request section on www.polycount.com if you're after game artists. You're much more likely to get some folks with the right kind of skills who're willing to help you out there.
  3. avianmosquito
    avianmosquito New Member
    I'll try it, even though I'm already getting fairly good results here.
  4. Bodacious3D
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  5. Alexis25
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    So your still looking one or the position is already filled? Because if you still haven't found the "right" person then you might be interested to go to this site for more candidates for the job.
  6. avianmosquito
    avianmosquito New Member
    We are now working on a different project with a smaller team, but we still have openings for modelers. Specifically, one object modeler and one creature modeler.