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  1. Venneke82
    Venneke82 New Member

    Good day,

    I'm looking for someone that can create ( design and produce ) scale 1/700 aircraft in 3D.
    I prefer someone based within europe.

    Best Regards,

    BAROBA New Member
    I can help:)


    Rob (based in Belgium)

  3. Venneke82
    Venneke82 New Member

    I have received several offers to provide assistance.
    But please feel free to contact me if you might be able to help.

    Thanks so far,

  4. CMDesign
    CMDesign New Member
    Hi there!

    I'm very capable of doing the job. I've done a lot of 3D-modelling and printing.
    I've enclosed an example sheet of my work.
    If you're looking for good work for a fair price: that's me!

    Kind regards,

    Based in the Netherlands

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  5. getbiks
    getbiks New Member
    I am an experienced 3D Artist. I specialise in Modeling and Texturing. If you are looking for a fast delivery of the model, you can be totally dependent on me. Have a look at my blog http://biks3d.wordpress.com and do contact me. I am very flexible about the price. Looking forward to hear from you.
  6. V1c3r0y
    V1c3r0y New Member
    PM sent