looking for 1/4 scale keytar

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  1. erellor
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    I am in need of a 1/4 scale keytar. Not looking for a specific model. There is one that is on Shapeways, but is scaled too small. I am not certain if that is something that can just be rescaled? I would like to get some quotes on what this would cost, any help would be appreciated... I want it to be a material that can be painted. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. Dotsan
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  3. Reidh
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    no offense but what is a keytar?
  4. erellor
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    A keytar is a relatively lightweight keyboard (with or without a built-in synthesizer) that is supported by a strap around the neck and shoulders, similar to the way a guitar is supported by a strap. (from Wikipedia)


    Super popular in the 80's... I need one in 1/4 scale
  5. erellor
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    VirtualV = I tried to contact the owner for a rescaling but they have not responded to me. I don't have access to one for dimensions... do you have other suggestions? Thanks
  6. Dotsan
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    So you'll have to get a new model made, send a picture and general dimensions to info@dotsan.com.