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  1. breguet
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    We are looking for 3d designers for jeweler projects. Projects are prototype of pendants and goldsmith mould samples. Contact us by e-mail, we will arrange a PDF and HQ sample pictures of Projects. Live support also via MSN id breguet@safe-mail.net
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  2. mctrivia
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    what kind of 3d modeler are you looking for? Organic or parametric? How much time do you need a modeler for? Are you looking for 40+hours a week or would 10 hours a week in my spare time be suficient. There are lots here that would be interested but we need a minimum amount of information.

    I am a paremetric modeler available part time.

    This means that my models are formula driven and I can alter them at any time by changing a variable in the model.(I.E. decide you want it 10mm taller I can do that and everything else compensates for that.) If you look in my shop you can see there are a lot of cool designs I have done that are mathematically perfect.

    If you need models that look something from nature, then you will need an organic designer.

    P.S. You did not leave an email address
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  3. invidos
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    Would really like to apply, but I'm probably not fast enough when it comes to 3D... also as mctrivia wrote you need to give more info