Logitech G110 WASD + 123456 keycaps

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  1. maxidvd
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    i'd like to make some rubberized keycaps for my logitech G110 keyboard like the corsair K60
    I don't know if that is possible but if someone is interested and want to try to make them i'll be happy to buy them...
  2. maxidvd
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  3. MidnightLightning
    MidnightLightning New Member
    So you're wanting some "cap" modeled to snap/glue onto your existing keys? In order to sit nicely on top of the curved top of your existing keys, there would need to be some pretty accurate measurements taken.

    Or, are you familiar with 123D Catch? If you take a series of photos of the key, and use that free service to turn it into a mesh (make sure the top surface is captured mainly, and ensure a ruler is included in the shots for scale), I'd be happy to model something on top of it.

    Shapeways doesn't have a "rubber" material, but they do have the black elastic material that might work. Though you'd probably have to glue the cap to the key, rather than "snap" it on or some such.
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  4. BabaJaiy
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    I know in a private message you told me you prefer not to use glue as they would eventually come off.

    However, when I use to work with a carpenter we used to do much laminating work that involved using applying thin layers of rubber cement to the two surfaces of the pieces to be adhered.

    These were counters used in banks and never came off, wearing out years later before they would if ever, start to separate.

    This would still not guarantee that the plastic and shapeways rubber like material would stay affixed for as long. But I do know your keys will not be damaged by the contact cement, and it would not be messy to have to clean those keys and re-apply after some time.

    I don't know how this shapeways "rubber" material would react to the rubber cement though.

    So, it wouldn't hurt to try and test one key pad.

    I would be able to take exact measurements as I have the same keyboard and tools that would let me do so.

    I thought the answer might be to just re-make the whole key which from a design point of view is not hard. However, the minimum details are not small enough for this to work ( having looked at the underside of the keys themselves ).

    As before, if I think of something, I will let you know.

    P.S. If you do decide to try rubber cement let me know. I will give you some tips on how to do it most effectively and with least amount of mess.
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  5. MidnightLightning
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    Really? Frosted Ultra Detail can get down to 0.3mm walls; there's details smaller than that on the key base?
  6. BabaJaiy
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    Right you are Midnight...the ultra min. detail for walls will work for the keycaps - 0.55mm is the minimal wall thickness that needs to worked to with these keys.

    This material must have gone by my radar...usually get emails from shapeways on new materials; and usually go by the booklet I have from shapeways, needs to be updated I think after learning of this.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Question would be then, how good is the "memory" of this material.

    The underside of the key has two snap clips.

    I know from my keyboard I like to occasionally take the key caps off and do a thorough cleaning of my board.

    But if one just wants them to go on once and leave it; Might just work fine.

    Would be a good project to test and see how well it works.