Loadmodeldistance Renders But Hangs Uploading Model

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    Based on Alan's advice on another thread I have been experimenting with LoadModelDistance (to load http://projects.classics.co.uk/mobius2.stl ). I've included the code below. The results are very promising and render very quickly on screen in the IDE but just seem to hang when uploading to my workshop.

    When I try the stock Gyroid example that works fine so that seems to imply I'm doing something wrong but I can't understand what when it renders fine in the preview.

    Anyone got any pointers?

    var vs = 0.1*MM; // voxel resolution
    var depthMax = 10;

    function main(args) {

    var shape;

    distData = loadModelDistance("http://projects.classics.co.uk/mobius2.stl?1", vs, depthMax*MM);
    var bounds = distData.getBounds();

    shape = new Scene(distData, bounds);

    return shape;


    Looking at the Chrome inspector I can see that the page continues to make AJAX requests...

    GET https://www.shapeways.com/poll-creator/?modelId=5862609
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