little scorpion bead : possible materials

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  1. skoell
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    Hi everybody !

    first sorry for my english i'm french.

    I Work on a scorpion for a jewelry for my girlfriend.
    you can see it @ =

    I would like it it in black gloss and gold, but the model is small, the legs are fine.

    Question 1 : do you think it s possible in platted gold and gloss black glass ?

    i see the instructions, especially the "sand castel" explanations, it say " you should imagine it in wet sand"
    i dont imagine my scorpion in wet sand !
    but i've saw an another scorpion on the website in gold and legs seem fine too

    what do you think ?

    Question 2 : another way

    if it's not possible in glass or metal, i can buy it in black detailed or in frozen utlradetail ...
    how to have a very gloss aspect or a gold aspect ?
    paint, varnish, resin...acrylick, epoxy, polyurethane... ???

    thanks for your answers


    JACANT Well-Known Member
  3. stop4stuff
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    Your scorpion looks to be about the same size as this one here If the legs are at least 2mm thick minimum, then they should be ok for the gold effect stainless but the problem area will be the thin part pf the claws - these will need to be thicker to support the weight of the claws.

    As for my models that JACANT referenced, they are the models converted to hollow space within a block by creating a very small hole/tunnel joining the model to the outside of the block, the shapes you see are trapped support material within a solid chunk of Frosted Ultra Detail.


  4. skoell
    skoell New Member

    i saw this scorpion i think legs are same size one mine.

    so the model is in route to the printer, expecting it will be good. i will see