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Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by Tresob, Jan 14, 2013.

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    As if I didn't have enough collectibles on my desk already, I used Shapeways to make some accessories for them, such as this shipment that I just received.

    First up is a little guy I call the "Kondorean Sidekick" based on an old Transformer:

    Then there's a model based on a Transformers fan Website mascot:

    (That's Botch the Crab from the Box Art Archives.)

    There's also a "Tremble" mini-minifig in this next shot that I put together:


    Look at those little robots, making friends.

    Obviously, I did not make the Soundwave minifig...
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    One of my customers ordered a bunch of building toy mini-figure upgrade parts from my store, painted them, and then posted the pictures on a forum.

    It was like watching my kid grow up and go to prom.

    Actually, I have no idea what that's like, but it seemed like a reasonable metaphor at the moment.

    Anyway, here's his post (my parts were covers for the robot's torsos...and one of the helmets).
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    I ordered a second design for one of the micro-statues in FCS. It's very loosely based on the Transformer toy "Rewind."

    And the "Tremble" design in red and black:

    Here they are standing beside Transformers kreons for scale (those Transformers toys are the same size of lego mini-figs, so my guys are about 2.25 cm tall):