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  1. TAJS
    TAJS New Member
    Just got this was printed in the white, stong and flexible material. This was just an experiment for us just to see how it would turn out.

    Is it possible to request finer resolutions when you have something printed?

    53mm tall 48mm wide. Cheers, Danny

    DSC02575.JPG DSC02578.JPG DSC02576.JPG
  2. kontor_apart
    kontor_apart New Member
    Why did you pixelate the image so much ? I think it will look better with a higher resolution.

    DSC00626 (Small).JPG

    For best results, you may need another provider who is not so picky about the 0.7001 mm.

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  3. TAJS
    TAJS New Member
    The model was/is not pixelated on my is the resolution of the printer at shapeways. I wonder if they could change the oreintation of the print....instead of laying it down flat maybe they could stand it upright.....

    I have carved several of these using my cnc machine and here is an example......

    lit.JPG lith.JPG