Life sized Text Speech Bubble! - Super Simple.

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  1. Saks
    Saks New Member
    I would like to do a series of photographs called 'Texts in the wild'.
    I'd like these to look exactly like the text bubbles on the iphone. I'd like them in 3 colors: green, blue & white.
    They would vary in size from single line to a few lines.

    EXAMPLES pe_tipo_bubbles_by_dpcomunicacion-d3fjraf.png -5-iPhone-4S1-625x511.jpg

    Also see a rough photoshop comp I did to give you an idea of how it would eventually look.

    I'd like them to be big, about a foot long. Kind of like a balloon.

    Glossy. Maybe even glass?
    I imagine I'll photoshop the text on them later...unless that's something that can be done on the model.

    I have no idea how to use 3d modelling software (except for basic sketchup). I don't have much money, then again, this is a super simple project.

    I can be reached at


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  2. Nick_Heymer
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  3. Saks
    Saks New Member
    Oh nice! Yes, very much like that. Except can it be transparent?
    And out of curiosity, how expensive are we talking about?
  4. Nick_Heymer
    Nick_Heymer New Member
    If you have an idea on size I can upload it to the site and it will tell us, of course I'll hollow out the model to make it cheaper.
    As far as transparency goes it depends on what material you choose.

  5. Saks
    Saks New Member
    What's the largest I can go? Would 2 feet long and 8 inches in diameter for the sulk see shape be too big?
  6. Nick_Heymer
    Nick_Heymer New Member
    Well if you wanted it to be translucent you would have to go with the frosted detail plastic and max bounding is 298x185x203mm, which would be just shy of a foot.

    If you went with the strong flexible, which is the cheapest by unit volume,max bounding is 650x350x550mm which would give you just over 2 feet to work with.

    The other thing you could consider is making smaller models and using a telephoto with good depth of field to make em look bigger, this would also help save on costs :)

  7. Nick_Heymer
    Nick_Heymer New Member
    You can see the model here

    the whole thing is still small apx 6"x7" box for all three but the price is $100 !
  8. stonysmith
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  9. Nick_Heymer
    Nick_Heymer New Member
    oops, hate it when I do that, now it should be visible.
  10. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    Looking at the 3d view.. I can't see any drain holes.
    Are you sure the model is hollow?
    Often, without the drain holes, any internal geometry is removed, making it solid instead of hollow.
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  11. Nick_Heymer
    Nick_Heymer New Member
    there are some half millimeter holes in the back near the little swoosh.