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  1. macouno
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    hi guys... sorry if this has been discussed... and I am sure it has been...

    I allow people to download my models... which is great, because I see them pop up in lots of unexpected places!

    Today for instance I saw this here: eets-3D-Printing.html

    Great right? Except... Nowhere is it mentioned that it's my model... I can understand why... nowhere on the shapeways website is there any mention of a license for my model. I am afraid I'll have to disable downloads of my stuff unless I can set them as CC-by somewhere. I don't need payment, but I think having my name mentioned as the creator should be possible.
  2. virtox
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    I agree a more prominent licensing option would be great.

    For now I just add a blurb about the CC license under which I offer my files.

    In practice, most people and companies still ignore them :-S
    Even after emailing about it, few take action..
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  3. Bathsheba
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    It's better not to make a file available for download unless you're ready to see it in the public domain, no strings attached.

    I'm not seeing how it would be reasonable to expect Shapeways to offer or enforce licensing terms for you; there'd be nothing but grief in it for them.
  4. macouno
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    hi Batsheba,

    I love seeing my work out there in the public domain. But... I would like credit for the work I've done.

    I share a lot of my files on other websites such as or and they all offer to put a small licensing text next to their download button. I don't expect any enforcement. I just want a single line of text (and maybe a cc logo) next to the download button. I posted because I'm really surprised it isn't there...