Lezyne X Lock Insert For Velochampion Handlebar Mount

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  1. OK, so we have an adapter to lock into the Garmin insert to allow our Lezyne GPS to use Garmin mounts. But what if we remove the bolt-in Garmin adapter altogether, and have a brand new Lezyne specific mount? It would save one side of the adapter, and about half the height.

    The basic mount I am thinking of is this one, but I believe several use the same insert.

    Photos (not very good, but you get the idea) attached, and I can supply better photos & dimensions of the part if anyone can help :)

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  2. paulopereira
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    I have a insert similar to that one that I designed gor the k-edge mont.
    I don't know it it fit's that mount, but I can modify the model to fit your's.

    Send me a message if you're interested.
  3. Thanks! Sounds like a small modification would be ideal. What do you need to get a better idea of what's needed?
  4. paulopereira
    paulopereira Active Member