let me create your ideas in 3D world

Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by bertus, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. bertus
    bertus New Member
    Hello, I'm a product designer

    I can make your ideas come true
    here is my 3D CAD portolio:

    I'm experienced 3D modeler, especially when it comes to SolidWorks
    Thanks for your attention . . :D

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  2. Gforce
    Gforce New Member
    Bertus does amazing work in an incredible speed. He helped me with my thumbtack project and the results were wonderful. Gave wonderful extra views of the thumbtacks.

    I would definitely recommend him for an of your project needs!

    Great guy! :)

    Thanks again Bertus!
  3. bertus
    bertus New Member
  4. GrantSD
    GrantSD New Member

    How do you prefer to be contacted? Via PM or email?

  5. bertus
    bertus New Member

    Prefer to PM first . . when we make a deal then you can contact me via email

  6. GrantSD
    GrantSD New Member
    That's what I figured, PM sent :)
  7. bertus
    bertus New Member
    this is the detachable push-pin i make for Gforce
    it's using magnet on the both side of detachable parts

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  8. bertus
    bertus New Member
  9. bertus
    bertus New Member
    jewelry session
  10. bertus
    bertus New Member
    want to reply your teeth with 3D printing ??
  11. Psi65
    Psi65 New Member
    Bertus - can you email me direct at Psi65@me.com regarding a design project I need to outsource- thank you
  12. rahul19dj
    rahul19dj New Member
    I need the services asap.

    I need to create a case for a gadget like a box.

    Means I have a development board I need an enclosure .

    Let me know your details and price range asap

  13. rahul19dj
    rahul19dj New Member

    100 bucks seems a little too over my budget but as you mentioned we can work something out.

    email me at rahul19dj@gmail.com so we can discuss further.
  14. imhelen
    imhelen New Member

    I am looking for someone to help me create a simple proof of concept text based model (think 'words set in stone')

    The concept is in two parts - both in ceramic:

    1. A flat tile with the words in relief

    2. A flat tile with the words engraved

    I was looking at 20-point Times New Roman but happy to discuss.

    One sentence to start with - would like to use (without the quote marks):

    "I am guilty of an association of ideas."

    Also interested in discussing a cylindrical version of either 1 or 2 in the future - in plastic perhaps...

    Contact me if you are interested :)

  15. ckat
    ckat New Member
    Where are you located? i am in need of a 3d modeler for a prototype :) thx
  16. bertus
    bertus New Member

    currently making a chair for college-project in this semester
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  17. bertus
    bertus New Member
  18. bertus
    bertus New Member
    design for electric bike

  19. natalia
    natalia New Member
    What part of the bike is 3D printed?
  20. bertus
    bertus New Member
    I'll make a scale model of electric bike, about 1:3
    maybe I'll go with 3d printing for main frame and body-cover

    if it's too expensive, I'll try to CNC manufacturing

    I'll post again when it's finished