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    Im new around here, and I think I have started with quite a difficult model for my skills. I need a bit of help.

    The model is done with Rhinoceros 5, I tried to make every mesh closed (and by Rhino's standards they are) but I have some troubles with netfabb. Even if I try to heal the model, it keeps giving me the "alert" sign.

    Also, I have problems with the colors. I want to make it Full Color Sandstone and I dont really know how.

    Ive uploaded the .3dm model with all the colors and the .stl model as healed as I could get it with Netfabb.

    So, any help about this will be welcomed. The model turned out pretty cool, you can perfectly use it if you want it.

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  2. stonysmith
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    With a couple of steps in Netfabb, I was able to get the model "correct". Use the "Close All Holes" and "Fix Flipped Triangles" options.
    You may want to upload the model to Netfabb Cloud Services to get all the separate shells unioned together into a single shell.

    1) I would suspect that this character is copyright.. you must obtain proper rights to re-sell it
    2) the Umbrella (and several other parts) will never work in Sandstone. You must adhere to the 2mm thickness rule.
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    Thanks for the fast reply.
    I dont intend to resell the model, is just for personal use. I will redo the umbrella and every part I see that doesnt fit the 2mm rule (and maybe make it a bit bigger, I think I can afford a bit more).

    Im still not sure If i want it to be colored sandstone or just something plain and then color it myself (i dont really like the sandy finish of the sandstone). But If I wanted to, should I first heal the stl model and then add textures to its layers back in rhino? how do i import the textures (or just plain colors) with the model?