Leg braces - Reinvented

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    I recently came across Jack Evill's Cortex design and was blown away...

    http://www.core77.com/blog/medical/concept_cast_a_3d-printed _exoskeletal_cast_from_jake_evill_25147.asp

    I love to see examples of how 3D printing truly improves lives. With that said, I believe we have barely even scratched the surface with the possibilities of this technology and it's impact on improving the lives of the millions of people in our world with disabilities. I have worn leg braces since the age of 4...I am 33 now. So much has changed in the world of technology and yet there has been very little progress in designing orthotics! The best kind available to me are priced at an insane 12k and only 1 office in the entire country will make them. My vision is as follows:

    #1 Create a 3d scan of either my feet or current leg braces.
    #2 Select best material to print from (strong with some flexibility).
    #3 Update design through colaboration & print.
    #4 Create formula and manufacturing technique to be replicated to the masses.

    Anyone with the necessary skills and ambition for a project like this, please contact me to discuss further. NYC designers preferred but not mandatory.

    Thank you!

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