Leaf skeleton, in gold and other colors

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    I just got these yesterday... I made a leaf skeleton (well, skull) in Maya.

    Simple but efficient technique:

    1) Make CV curves point by point for each vein from the top view (you'll have a LOT of curves, separate them in groups by "vein width" according to your reference.
    2) Select all curves that should be of the same thickness
    3) Use Paint Effects>Curve Utilities>Attach Brush to Curve
    4) Modify>Convert>Paint Effects to Polygons
    5) Mesh>Fill Hole

    And there you have it! All your curves are now solid polygon pipes. To change the paint effects brush size and subdivisions, use Paint Effects>Template Brush Settings

    I'll use this technique more now for complex filigree-type designs, it's very easy to make curves and them make them all polygons at once.

    Shop links:
    Pendant: http://www.shapeways.com/model/954641/leaf-skeleton-pendant- necklace.html
    Big one: http://www.shapeways.com/model/953172/leaf-skeleton-ornament .html