latest ring and box with steel logo and keyring

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  2. leorolph
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    A quick question for anyone that can answer. Concerning the texture behind the crosses and infinity character, if I added a noise texture to the model in this area would it reduce the print lines and give a more even texture to print?
  3. UniverseBecoming
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    Yes, adding a texture is a common method for obscuring print lines.

    Another option applicable here, if you wanted to do the work, would be to enamel this area.

    Also, one other option I can think of would be to add a layer of polymer clay and bake it in to get something like this.
  4. leorolph
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    thanks. usually i tarnish silver with bleach then pollish back the outer surfaces (image below) but with this ring I kinda like it all silver.

    IMG_3967 logo.jpg
  5. Youknowwho4eva
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    Which finish did you order the ring in? Normally with rings I order in the standard finish, and use my dremel to polish as I wish. If you sell them well, you could probably find a jeweler that will give you better pricing than one piece at a time.
  6. leorolph
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    so far from many rings ordered, I have only had this one ring in polished silver, normally I use a tabletop polisher, dremel, sand paper, file and grinder. even with the polished ring the inside was not at all polished and took quite a bit of sanding and polishing to get nice... I was quite happy with the polishing done on the outside, though I did give it a bit extra.
  7. Youknowwho4eva
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    Have you tried glossy yet? More price but hand polished.
  8. leorolph
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    no. Its a bit expensive for my selling price, and Im a bit nervous about loosing the detail. I can get it to a high polish myself... I kind of enjoy doing some work myself.
  9. Youknowwho4eva
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    :D I like that attitude!
  10. leorolph
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    I think so to... since starting 3d printing jewelry (background graphic design and multimedia) I now have a small jewelry making room and most the needed equipment to make it from scratch, just teaching myself, and picking up the skills... really enjoy getting my hands dirty.
  11. UniverseBecoming
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    That's funny you should mention that and put that image up being that I am currently experimenting with different types of patinating processes. I tried hard boiled egg, but it wasn't dark enough for my liking. I tried liver of sulfur and didn't like the midnight blue black color. So, just a little while ago I ordered a hydrochloric acid / tellurium based product that will definitely get it to the black that I'm interested in.

    However, your black in this image is exactly what I want! :D I knew of the bleaching method using sodium hypochlorite, but in the images that I saw for this method it seamed to be more a soft gray than black. Yet, your result looks great! How did you do that exactly? :D
  12. leorolph
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    normal, everyday cleaning bleach, it will go pretty much pitch black if left for long enough. Put your silver object in the bleach completely covered and leave it ... 5 mins will go medium gray, 10 - 15 min will get dark grey and so on.... the most I have done is about 30mins and it was pretty much black. Try for 5 or 10 mins first, give it a wash and if its not black enough you can just put it back in to darken further. I also find it will darken a bit more over the next few daya/weeks.
  13. UniverseBecoming
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    Thanks for the reply! :eek:

    After making that post I immediately went down to the grocery store and picked up some concentrated Clorox bleach and dipped my ring in it for about 10 seconds and actually watched it develop a nice dark gray patina. Amazing results! Almost black like yours!

    I don't think I'll be using any of the liver of surfer or the hydrochloric acid with tellurium for doing patinating since I really love the dark shade of gray to almost black I get from the concentrated Clorox bleach. I also love the bleach cuz the odors it gives off are nothing compared to the hydrochloric acid or the liver of sulfur odors.

    It's a good thing I saw your image, cuz had I not seen that I don't think I would have tried bleach given that I thought it produced light shades of gray. :)
  14. leorolph
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    good to hear.
    I have been using the bleach for a while now and have been fairly happy with the results but am now trying to get a piece really black and it just goes a sort of graphite black darkness and wont go any further, Im wondering if liver of sulfur gel would get it blacker.. have you tried the gel? I have heard the gel will get it quite black if left long enough.
  15. UniverseBecoming
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    Yes I have the gel. From what I saw with the one time that I used it, it did get very dark, but it had a kind of midnight blue shade that I didn't like and it still wasn't black, it was more like a very dark blue gray. About as dark as the bleach, but without the blue tint.

    As for getting supper black, I think this stuff might be what you want. I have some but haven't tried it yet. It's supposed to get you the blackest black possible.
  16. leorolph
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    Thanks, though don't like my chances of getting that Midas stuff delivered to Australia "Hazardous items cannot be shipped internationally.", and couldn't find any easily online here. :confused
  17. UniverseBecoming
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    How about this supplier? Here's the catalog page, item number three.
    Though I gave you the Rio Grande link, that's not what I purchased for myself. The product I got off either Amazon or eBay is actually the item number 3 in this catalog called Griffith Silver Black. The same formula is sold under a number of names since I guess no one has a patent on it.

    I did find another place too in Australia. See the last page of this PDF, bottom right, Jax Silver Blackener. I looked up the MSDS and its the same chemical formula as the other blackening products.
  18. leorolph
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    wow thanks!!... you seem to have done all the hard work for me :)
  19. UniverseBecoming
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  20. leorolph
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    Another extruded logo for placement on jewelry boxes, this time for the women's rings, it also being my official personal logo. I might infill the "R" with black or red or maybe polish back the top surface to a shiny metal finish. you can see some of my other creations and wips on facebook here

    or on Etsy here