Late orders the new trend?

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by Silverbeam, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Silverbeam
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    when I first started buying from shapeways, they were very prompt, but ever since FUD and silver came out my orders have been constantly late. What are your opinions shapeways and other buyers/ shop owners?

    When one of their machines was down and they got that mad rush for FUD it was understandable, but still late. (Although I only found out about it by chance about the problem,)

    Shapeways, It's not so much about being late, but you should notify via personal email at least if it's going to be late, with a projected date.

    For my business I always hate being late, Even when I add in an extra item as an apology, I still feel bad.

    Getting the kinks out and streamlining can be an issue, but while you are working on fixing that, make sure to find a way to ease your buyers. Again an email, or a small coupon, something. Hire a part timer if needed to put in the man hours to make sure everyone is soothed.

    Well here's hoping that my latest order will get to me soon and that shapeways can work things out even sooner. I need my items to sell and pay my bills and they will be late.... :(
  2. jhonny
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  3. stop4stuff
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    Hey there jhonny,

    Welcome to Shapeways! :)

    Shouting in the forums won't help you get you model any quicker, but contacting Shapeways might.

    If its any consolation I'm waiting on an order place on the 12th August, but I am expecting the good ole UPS dispatch notice any day now if the Material Staus page is right.

    Yes, it can be frustrating not knowing what's going on, but keeping an eye in the right place should help you stay a bit more chilled, no?

  4. pfeifferstylez
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  5. Silverbeam
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    Things are a bit better now, my last order came on time even!

    I have subscribed to the newsletter, Looks like they are getting in gear slowly.....

    I still think they should have handled things a little better, but better late then never I guess. As long as they have learned from the experience as a business it should be okay.