Land Rover

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  1. MikeP
    MikeP New Member
    This will be my first printed Vehicle. I wanted to pick something boxy to make it easier. Havent decided on a size yet but i'm aiming for 5-6 cms. Or around $100.

    I know a lot of the detail in the texture map will be lost but I'll try it anyway and see how it comes out. The body is finished and welded closed. I just have to finish the texture map and apply it. The mapping on the rear isnt done at all yet. The wheel is a seperate model that I will print 4 copies of. The Bumpers will be separate models as well.

    I should probably make door mirrors as well and include them with the bumpers.

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  2. rithmikansur
    rithmikansur New Member
    What material were you planning on having it printed in? The Standstone?
  3. MikeP
    MikeP New Member
    Yes, Sandstone. For the mapping/color

    I know there's going to be a lot of degradation in the texture. I'm trying to work with the machine and texture map each "area" separately using as high a resolution portion of the texture map as I can.

    I was going to print the wheels separately but now I'm worried I'll have higher resolution wheels than the body.
  4. MikeP
    MikeP New Member
    Here's the max model. Its pretty basic. I really wanted to do something quick. My original had an interior but it wouldn't work with Sandstone so I put in glass. I also think I should refine the area around the front door hinges and also the door handle.

    I'm eager to get it finished so i can see how it turns out. It could easily be a blurry mess.

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  5. MikeP
    MikeP New Member

    Here's the finished printed model.

    I've learned a lot. Especially about how to texture map sandstone.