Knight toy arrived!

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by bummzack, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. bummzack
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    So I thought it would be pretty awesome to create a custom action-figure for my godchild. I went ahead and modeled everything in Blender. In this thread you can see some screenshots of the 3D model.

    I connected everything with sprues and ordered it. To my surprise everything was pretty much smooth sailing (model was considered printable and shipped pretty soon after ordering). I was really unsure, since this was my first print ever.

    So here's what I received:

    Quite honestly: I'm blown away by the quality. I've seen some prints created with a makerbot and these don't even close to what I got here.
    What surprised me is that White Strong and Flexible isn't that flexible at all. I thought it would be less rigid and that messed up my design a bit. I was hoping that the fingers would be thin enough to be bendable (1.7mm), so that the sword and shield would snap into place easily. That's not the case, so I had to widen the gap a bit using a nail file. But after some tweaking, everything fit together nicely.

    Here are two more pictures of the assembled knight, front with turned torso and back.



    Next up: Painting!
  2. AM3D
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    Really nice model, look forward to seeing it painted. :D
  3. urbankaos
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    Hi, im wanting something done but it doesnt say about prices on here,
    im looking at getting a character done of our mascot for our brand,
    but have no clue about how much shapeways charge about,
    i've been quoted about $150 for someone to do the 3d model,
    but im not sure how much i'll be paying to actually get the model printed.
  4. stonysmith
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    Cost is purely a function of the size and material you select. Shapeways charges per cubic centimeter (except for ceramic), so the bigger it is, the more it costs.

    You will want your designer to hollow out the model to save you signifcantly on the cost.

    A very good way to see size vs cost is to search for "Bowie the Bunny" here on Shapeways. Bowie is 1.5 inches tall and varies in cost from $4.00 to %60.00
  5. urbankaos
    urbankaos New Member
    Hey, thanks for that, my Character I want about 4"
    i've asked to have it hollow so just waiting on the 3d model to be done so I can get Shapeways to print it up...