Knife Handles and Blades in 3D

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    I need a molder to take AutoCad 2D designs of Knife Blades and Handles then modify them to 3D. Most handles will need textures. Blades will be straight forward and will require limited work. I need someone who is highly proficient in creating stl files and who is reasonable - around $150 per knife. I plan to create 5 to 10 knife models. The Blades will be investment casted and the handles will most likely be created at Shapeways. I have attached a example in pdf.

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    Hi I'd be happy to work with you on this project, I've worked on knife handles and applying printable textures.
    The quality of the texture will depend on the material printed in. You can send drawings and questions to

    Shapeways has a prohibited products policy.

    'Are there prohibited products?
    Explicit sexual content and weaponry look products are not accepted on Shapeways, neither private, nor public. Any file containing such content will be removed without further notice. We are allowed to make an exception for miniature weaponry (maximum size 10cm)'

    The handles will be ok but the blades may be an issue, send customer service an email.


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