Klein Bottles!

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  1. AquaticPenguin
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    My design

    I'm wondering whether it's possible to print ^ that design in transparent detail and whether it would look good - The size is a bit huge at the moment and there's still quite a few changes I'd want to make but I first wanted to see if it can actually be plausibly made.

    Basically the design is a klein bottle with a second smaller klein bottle wrapped around the inner tube of the first one.


    Any other feedback is all good too ^_^


    p.s I'm curious on the upload why there is meters/inches/millimeters, but no centimeters :p
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  2. fracai
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    It'll print just fine, assuming the walls are thick enough. The trouble would come from trying to clean out the support material. With the pipe feeding back into the bulb it'd be pretty tricky to get everything. I'd be really interested in a smaller size though. Something around 5-8 cm, with decently thick walls for strength.

    Oh, and awesome idea.
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  3. gibell
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    Transparent Detail is more like frosted glass, from what I've seen. I don't really think you can see things very well through it.

    Interlocked Klein Bottles, that's an amazing concept! Printing this could make the universe collapse, at least using a 4D printer ... :eek:
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  5. Youknowwho4eva
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    Well that is because a klein bottle is just a representation of what the 4th dimension would look like, such as one face of a piece of paper would represent the 2nd dimension, curl that paper into a ring and that's 3rd, turn that ring so where the two ends meet and the top becomes the bottom that's 4th dimension. (Or at least what we can assume of the 4th dimension) A true 4th dimensional object (some speculate that an electron is at least 4th dimensional) would appear to us to be 3 dimensional. Seeing as our 3 dimensional brains can only comprehend 3 dimensions. Such as the monitor your reading this on is something like 99.999999% empty space. Yet we see it as solid. Imagine how hard life would be to comprehend if we saw it as mostly empty space. Us 3D people are probably the closest to being able to comprehend it as most of us can look at a wire frame and figure it out. Sorry I had a quantum physics brain fart.