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    OK, I've read all the mentions here and all the links from here that I could find about the stuff. I've been dipping my WSF models into Future (or Klear, or whatever it's called by you. The clear acrylic floor "wax"). What can we expect from it? What are your experiences? I'm hoping it can protect against the dirt pickup that I hear WSF is prone to, by sealing the surface. I can hardly tell the difference, though (except by the smell). I've just tried dipping half the WSF piece from the sample kit into it; maybe that will help.

    I tend to wipe things off after dipping them, though, on the grounds that I'm relying on what soaks into the pores; does that make sense? It's a lot easier to work with than clear spray-paint and seems to cover more evenly too. Can it be that this is all that's needed for preserving prints?

    What are other people's experiences?
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    Oh, and what about using it on sandstone, the other porous-seeming material?