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    I want to submit a project to KickStarter and use Shapeways to allow the backers to print a miniature for their evaluation purposes. This is expected to be something along the lines of en=a8f33841

    I want to do photorealistic renderings. Shadows and reflections are a very nice touch. I want a manufacturer to be able to make the parts from the drawing files.

    I want to be able to put these renderings and files online before I have made or received any payment.

    I subscribe to the general idea that the project is not commercial before I receive any customer payments. I want to identify software that could be licensed under the terms of "Pay & Convert to Commercial License after KickStarter Funds"

    I do have an educational license of a well known product, but the licensing approval is taking a bit of time, and I want to have Plan 2 handy. I would appr

    I myself am not particularly sensitive to the cost of the license, as it will be paid out of KickStarter, but if other things are equal, I would go with a product that the community seems to desire.

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    I do realize they are downloadable for free, but thanks for calling that out. I'm being stringent about "no income before KickStarter funds."
    I hoped to be able to let people print them at 0 markup, but that seems to be an unresolved licensing issue with Autodesk Inventor, so I disabled printing.

    Thanks for the link, I'm looking over that sight now.
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    My project did load correctly from a .igs file and also a .step file.

    I have followed the links contained in FreeCAD to to see what the Point of View renderer is capable of. Oh, my...I'm in love.
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