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  1. Ray716
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    So I've been wanting to do a Kickstarter for some time but until recently I didn't know what project to do. I've finally decided to go with one of my passions. Taking the Elder Futhark Runes and writing peoples names with them.


    So Now here is the main reason for this post. Who else has used Shapeways in their kickstarter? What advice can you give me before I send this live?

  2. UniverseBecoming
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  3. Ray716
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    Thanks UniverseBecoming I will send him a message. I loved his work and his success on Kickstarter is part of what made me think about doing the project i'm working on. :D

  4. natalia
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    I made a Kickstarter project a while ago, and had Shapeways-made items as the rewards.

    Kickstarter has some great tutorials about how to launch a good project here:

    Why do you want to use Kickstarter? Can you tell us more about the project? What would you need funding for?

    I am thinking if you are creating these runes of people's names, you could execute this project as a Co-Creator

    Tips on that are here: ay-Tips-Series-4-Personalization-Shapeways-Co-Creators.html
  5. Ray716
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    Thanks for the advice Natalia.

    When the project is finished I do plan on keeping it open as a Co-creater in my shop. Here is the run down of what I am planning on doing. It's very simple really. supporters of my Kickstarter can choose either a pre-designed pendant of a bindrune or an Icelandic Magic symbol or they can chose to have their name designed in runes. I want to do a kickstarter because I have so many friends and fellow artists who are using that to start their lines or projects. I'm also hoping to be able to purchase some much needed jewelry tools do I can do more jewelry work at home. The more I can make and design the more I can make and design. :D And Right now I have a TON of designs I've finished but I've not been able to get them printed yet.. So this Kickstarter will help me get a leg up, expand my portfolio, and give me the confidence to say that I've held a successful kickstarter!

    As of right now I'm still in the planning phase, and I'm working on getting one or two more people on board to get some test prints made for Photos and the Video. But I like to research things to the best of my ability before I jump in to something. When I do launch my kickstarter Is it okay to post about it here since I am planning on using Shapeways to print all of the pendants? I love how supportive the shapeways community is, but I dont want to step on anyone's toes either. :D

    Ohhh and here is one of the examples of the pendants. it's "Ratatoskr" the Squirrel who runs up and down the world tree delivering insults. :D

    View attachment 25327


  6. macouno
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    Don't do a kickstarter funding drive just to do something with kickstarter.

    Do it because you have a really cool project that you can not do without the help of the funding you may receive.

    Also think about your audience. Most funding comes from the people you already know, so think hard about whether kickstarter in itself adds real value to your project. I've done some funding quite successfully by asking the people who are already in my network to help me fund something.

    If you do it... make sure the goal is very well defined. For instance... if you do these pendants... make it fund a first series, that you print yourself, which you will present at a specific event or in a shop for instance... that gives a nice deadline and a very real/visible result for people who help you. Don't make it only a way for people to buy your product...

    Hope that helps
  7. Ray716
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    Great Advice, thanks Dolf! :D
  8. natalia
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    Dolf put it very well indeed!

    Kickstarters work best when they are for a specific "project" - like an exhibition, or an event.

    Since you can make money selling your work on Shapeways, you can "fund" your jewelry line by just making it!

    The greatest thing about selling on Shapeways is it allows you to test an idea without really spending too much money. Previously, you would have invested money to make a bunch of pendants, paid for a stall at a craft fair, and waited to see if people liked your designs enough to buy them.

    With Shapeways, you can open a shop and test your products by using the power of the internet - you can advertise on Facebook (to your network of friends) and on Shapeways and if people like your work, they will buy it right on Shapeways, so you make money as you sell. If people don't like your designs, then they won't buy them, but you are not stuck with a bunch of pre-made stock.

    The old adage of "you need to spend money to make money" is still true, as your shop will look better with photos of products rather than just renders, but now you can spend a bit less ;)

    Good luck!
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