Kaleidoscope Clock

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    A while back I decided I needed a wall clock and decided to make one through Shapeways. Rather than have it printed as a single piece, I took advantage of the different Strong & Flexible materials to make a model with contrasting colors.

    The frame is the first part of the model (the purple in the photos above and black in the photos below) and is at Kaleidoscope Clock - Part A. The background, numbers, and hands (the white in the photos above and red in the photos below) are a single sprued model at Kaleidoscope Clock - Part B. The two models are designed for a specific clock mechanism available here. Assembly instructions are on the model pages.

    I gave the purple and white version away and have a place in my house for the black and red version, but I am looking forward to Shapeways' next seasonal color rotation so I can try other color combinations.


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    I like it. Think the red and black is my favorite combo.
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    I love it! instead of waiting for more colors, start dyeing your own!
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    This is beautiful!
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